Friday, January 26, 2007

Scalable Call Accounting Software Options from RSI

The ability to gather telephone call records, process and report them has been around since the early 1980s. Call management has been a basic staple of telecom managers, hotels and professional firms. With today's constantly evolving telecom innovations, customers are more than ever in need of metrics for all aspects of their communication networks. Customer service, employee productivity, account or project billing, misuse and abuse have always been a focus of telecom managers.

With the growing number of IP phone systems and communication servers, customers need a solution that can keep up with the times. A robust call accounting system spans well beyond the traditional component of telephone expense management. Call accounting examines the health of an organization by looking at calling patterns, frequency of calls, network traffic and facility performance. A good call accounting software package addresses the changing landscape of communications management with robust cost effective, comprehensive array of reporting and management tools.

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) is a developer of scalable solutions for that communication managers demand. RSI is a leading provider of
call accounting, hotel billing, computer-telephony integration, web browser call accounting, telephone reporting, internet usage, instant messaging, email tracking and telemanagement solutions around the globe.

RSI provides robust interoperable solutions to customers of virtually any equipment provider -- analog or IP. Channel partners and customers have the option of selecting a call accounting system that has been lab tested in many popular environments. RSI offers true seamless integration for multi-vendor environments.

The call management portfolio spans a broad range of industry sectors including retail, government, education, tourism, brokerage, professional, hospitality and general business environments. In vertical markets, we provide unique integration to hotel property management systems and professional accounting packages.

Call accounting systems vary in price, performance and functionality. Some of the more elaborate systems integrate reporting for stations, lines, queues, mail boxes, carrier comparisons, grade of service calculations, switch management, equipment inventory and billing. Many systems boast robust SQL databases, browser based architecture, automated reporting and notification, enterprise reporting and manufacturer compliance. RSI offers a broad range of products that address every customer’s needs:

Call Accounting Software for Every Enterprise
Basic Telephone Reporting for Small Business
* Web Call Accounting Software for Small Business
* Hotel Call Accounting Software

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