Tuesday, January 15, 2008

RSI Confirms Two New Products Nortel Activity Reporter and tools OSN

OSHAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA – December 17, 2007 - Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) confirmed today the announcement of two new products offered with Nortel BCM and SRG 50 Rls. 3.0.

Nortel recently announced the general availability of Business Communications Manager 50 Release 3.0 (BCM50 3.0) and the new SMB-centric IP Phone 1200 Series in NA, Asia and CALA (EMEA to follow on January 7th 2008). This latest release of the award winning BCM50 platform combines with the new IP Phone 1200 Series portfolio to create a robust set of convergence enhancements specifically optimized to meet the requirements of the Small and Medium Business market (SMB) and Enterprise branch offices. When positioned with Nortel’s SMB Data portfolio, the solution provides a complete converged solution from a single vendor; fully-tested and designed specifically for the SMB market -- all under the umbrella of a simplified, common management system.

Nortel will be offering new communication management software powered by RSI technology with this release. Nortel Activity Reporter is a jointly designed solution by Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) and Nortel. The product is designed to provide system metrics for BCM 50 Rls. 3.0 (and later). It produces text and graphical reports based on station message detail recording (SMDR), hunt group, voice mail and custom call routing information. Visit http://www.telecost.com/nortel for more details.

Nortel is also introducing Survivable Remote Gateway Release 50 Release 3.0 (SRG50 3.0) in NA, Asia and CALA (EMEA to follow on January 7th 2008). The SRG50 Rls3.0 enables consistent VoIP and application services to be delivered cost effectively to small branches in the 5 to 80 line size. The SRG50 Rls3.0 complements the Media Gateway (MG) 1000B (SBO) which delivers a solution in support of the 50 to 400 IP user range. The SRG50 Rls3.0 delivers basic voice services in the event of WAN failure, whilst the MG1000B is capable of supporting many applications locally at the branch office under a WAN failure scenario.

In tandem with the Release of Nortel SRG 50, RSI is also releasing tools OSN. Users can now take advantage of tools OSN, which broadcasts an instant warning to user selected extensions when an emergency 911 number is dialed. Additionally, notification messages can also be sent to network workstations. The RSI tools OSN utilizes a single SRG50 LAN CTE license, enabled by default, to manage and control any number of local extensions or lines off the SRG50. tools OSN is Nortel Compatible Product available directly from RSI or its authorized Nortel channel partners.

“The launch of tools OSN is part of our strategic objective to offer customers the very best compatible solutions for Nortel telephony platforms through mutual co-operation with Nortel, development and strategic acquisitions.”, said Rito Salomone, President of RSI. “We are delighted to offer Nortel SMB customers peace of mind in emergency situations.”

tools OSN is a unique application designed specifically to work with Nortel BCM and SRG environments to watchdog the system. Valuable time is often lost in trying to locate the individual that placed an emergency call. tools OSN can broadcast E911 notification to telephone sets, email or network computers regardless of the type of emergency or crisis. Seconds can make the difference in saving lives, property and money when dispensing critical information and responding to emergencies. tools OSN may be configured with Public Safety Access Point information. The PSAP information can be delivered via email to authorized response personnel.
For more information, visit our Nortel Compatible Products website.

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