Wednesday, January 6, 2010

RSI Offers New Internet and Device Management Tools for Today's Economy

Have you ever wanted to know how much time an employee is surfing the internet while at their desk during working hours?

Some sources estimate that 30% to 40% of employee internet usage is not work related. Those same sources also indicate that 92% of online stock trading occurs during peak work hours and 46% of online shopping takes place from the office.

I do not know about you, but these statistics should sound an alarm within an organization to begin tracking and managing this abusive activity.

Look no further. Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) now offers the ability to restrict, control, and report on the internet usage at specific workstations and at anytime of the day.

With the use of RSI’s SHADOW Internet Control (IC), company administrators can control how long and when users are allowed Internet access. Additionally SHADOW IC can block access to specific web sites, and restrict use of FTP sites. SHADOW IC also allow organizations and administrators to control who has access to e-mail, gaming, instant messaging, live streaming and desktop Windows applications.

SHADOW IC is a comprehensive time management, security and productivity enhancement application that enables administrators to set limits on employee access to time wasting web activities while still permitting them to reach the sites they need to conduct business. Policies can be defined by user or groups of users or PCs and scheduled for specific hours.

There are some obvious web sites that administrators will want to restrict such as Facebook and online gaming and internet pornography sites, but what are some of the other common sites employees are visiting while on company time?

With the use of RSI’s SHADOW Internet Reporter (IR), administrators now have the tools to monitor the browsing activity of employees.

SHADOW IR offers managers the ability to generate reports to examine and monitor internet behavior of their staff. These reports and data can be used to educate personnel, establish internet usage policies, detect intrusion activity and monitor network bandwidth.

Unchecked Internet access can expose a business to network bottlenecks, theft of intellectual property and productivity loss from personal use. The statistics mentioned earlier indicate that it is a critical time to begin monitoring and controlling this activity to help ensure the organizations bottomline remains intact, if not more profitable at the end of the year.

With the influx of portable storage devices and removable media, data theft is becoming an increasing threat to organizations. Devices such as USBs, Wi-Fi, FireWire, Bluetooth, iPods, MP3s connect seamlessly to company networks, without IT administrators having any knowledge that their corporate data is being exposed. Portable devices also provide an easy entryway for infecting systems with viruses or malicious software.

RSI’s SHADOW Device Patrol acts as a corporate watchdog securing company devices to minimize unauthorized access to proprietary information. New devices connected to your computers are automatically recognized and tracked by the software and can be easily managed based on administrators policies.

In today’s economic climate, cost savings and profitability are the main drivers for investing and adopting new technology. By regaining control of the corporate internet and device usage, companies will not only establish a new set of usage polices that will help increase their bottomlines, they will also be protecting themselves and future company interests.

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