Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shadow CMS Enterprise Reaffirms Support for ACD and Attendant Reporting on legacy Nortel M1/CS 1000

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) announced today that its scalable Shadow CMS Enterprise will continue to offer backward compatibility with Avaya (legacy Nortel) M1/CS 1000 systems for historical ACD and Attendant Console Reporting. These solutions can be deployed as a standalone application or adjunct to Shadow CMS Enterprise. RSI is extending full support indefinitely in order to allow customers will large investments in legacy Nortel technology to effectively manage their networks.

Shadow CMS Enterprise is a total communication management solution that consolidates communication usage data to assist managers in monitoring, controlling and migrating infrastructure. The new Call Center Reporting module offers Avaya/Nortel customers the ability to analyze metrics about their communication facilities and offers call center agents immediate feedback. Companies can improve contact center performance by systematically analyzing historical data and fine tuning their workforce and communication ecosystem.

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