Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Growth of IP PBX Sales in 2007

As we compete Q1 of 2007, the data-tracking firms are coming in with a clear picture of 2006. Simply put, 2006 was a good year for the PBX and IP-PBX business.

Here are some hi-lights:

Strong Growth Continues

Lines (now being called seats) grew by 9.7%.

According to new research from industry analyst firm IntelliCom Analytics, North American shipments of Call Control software licenses -- or "seats" -- grew by 9.7% in 2006 over the previous year. This growth in license shipments for the software that enables the features and functionality of Enterprise Communication platforms was driven by broad-based adoption of IP Telephony at a time when traditional TDM systems are increasingly being phased out by vendors.

Between 2005 and 2010, the cumulative growth rate will cross 11%, according to the latest study by Access Market International.

Growth Expected in 2007
In 2007, SMB IP-PBX revenue and shipments will be more than TDM-PBX (including key systems) systems. (Source: IntelliCom Analytics)

OEMs Battle for Share
Nortel, Avaya, and Cisco, accounted for more than half of total 2006 IPT and TDM shipments in North America. (Source:IntelliCom)

Measured by ìseatsî, Nortel, Avaya and Cisco, in that order take the top three positions. NEC put in a strong fourth place showing, followed by Inter-Tel, Mitel, Siemens, Toshiba, Panasonic and Shore-Tel. Keep in mind this is one way to measure. Others include revenue, servers, etc. In 2005, the leading vendors (based on end-user revenue) in the SMB IP-PBX systems were Avaya, Cisco and Nortel. (Source: IntelliCom Analytics). In 2005, the leading vendors (based on end-user revenue) in the SMB PBX (TDM and IP) market were Avaya, Nortel and Alcatel. (Source: IntelliCom Analytics)

Pizza Pie Market
Lest anyone get the impression that one or two of the OEMís ëcompletely dominateí the market, when measured by the seats, no OEM gained a share of ìseatî shipment of more then 20%. In a pizza pie chart, the several vendors would resemble slices where no one slice is above one fifth of the pie.

Our market remains competitive and growing.

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