Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Telecom Call Detail Record (CDR) Databases Among The Largest In The World

There are many organizations around the world that rely on huge databases residing on powerful systems to process information. These databases are filled with trillions of records collected from real time transactions. Some of the world’s most notable organizations made the list of Top 10 Databases as compiled by

Here are the Top 10 Databases:
1. World Data Center for Climate
2. National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
3. AT&T
4. Google
5. Sprint
6. ChoicePoint
7. YouTube
8. Amazon
9. Central Intelligence Agency
10. Library of Congress

Two of the top 5 organizations are US telecom giants that process huge amounts of call detail records in real time. AT&T has a database estimated at 1.9 trillion calling records and growing. The data includes number called, time, duration of call and various other details. AT&T has been retaining billing records for decades (even before the technology to store hundreds of terabytes of data existed).

Sprint is another giant in telecommunication call data collection. The company has a daily volume of 365 million call records and at peak times boasts an insertion rate of 70000 records per second.