Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nortel to Get Serious About SOTA, SMBs

Nortel to Get Serious About SOTA, SMBs

Jun 18, 2007 - By David Greenfield

We've been saying for some time now that the future of telephony is closely tied to the vendor's ability to embed telephony capabilities within their applications. Of the major telephony providers, Avaya's been the most vocal in this regard with its push towards Communication Enabled Business Processes (CEBP) highlighted by its Ubiquity acquisition. Siemens. Startups Bluenote and Sphere Communications have delivered SOTA environments for generalized telephony and contact center environments.

However, Nortel has been remarkably quiet on this front " until now. The company publicly acknowledged that it will publish a SOA interface to the base functionality of its telephony server September. Nortel also hinted that more sophisticated capabilities namely the ability to insert events within the business process would be forthcoming in that timeframe as well. Executives would not confirm whether this technology would be developed in house or not, but most likely look for them to deliver through one or both of its major partners, Microsoft or IBM.

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