Wednesday, February 25, 2009

RSI and ConverTec Announce Landmark Agreement To Deliver Unified Communication Applications

OSHAWA and BURLINGTON, ONTARIO – February 25, 2009 - Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) and ConverTec Inc. jointly announced today a landmark technology transfer and branding agreement. RSI will add the ConverTec desktop productivity and console applications to their Total Communication Management Solutions (TCMS) portfolio.

The agreement will facilitate the market acceptance and expansion of a complete umbrella of applications designed for Nortel telephony platforms. By combining RSI’s broad distribution network and TCMS portfolio with ConverTec’s best in class unified communications productivity applications, the alliance will allow both parties to create and deliver advanced technologies more rapidly to their customers.

Under this agreement, RSI will have the exclusive right to brand and distribute ConverTec applications to major Nortel channels. These products include:

Visual Rapport Console.NET enables attendants who are answering calls for single and multi-site campus environments to represent the company image to a caller in a more informed and professional manner. VR Console.NET leverages the inherent VoIP networking capabilities of Nortel’s BCM platform by providing a powerful business application capable of not only viewing the real-time status of all extensions of an enterprise, but also by providing browser based call control capabilities across the organization.

Visual Rapport Integrator eliminates the need to juggle multiple applications and simplifies the user desktop by integrating the BCM or Norstar telephone to an unobtrusive desktop toolbar. Through the use of VR Integrator, Norstar Modular ICS and BCM 50 users become more efficient, and better able to convey a sense of competency to their colleagues and customers, resulting in higher quality interactions and improved customer satisfaction.

Visual Rapport Navigator brings integrated telephony for BCM and Norstar to the desktop, adds intelligence, and simplifies daily telephone activity, while the innovative interface enables users to tailor VR Navigator to their needs. Whether you’re a receptionist who needs to see employee real-time call activity, a Call Center Agent who needs customer information before answering calls, or a knowledge worker who needs to see both, VR Navigator provides the tools employees need to be successful.

Visual Rapport Analyzer is a browser based managerial tool which allows an enterprise manager to more effectively manage his or her telecommunication facilities by quickly and easily producing reports based upon telephone calls in and out of an office.

“This agreement unifies the expertice of both ConverTec and RSI allowing us to focus our efforts on what we both do best.”, said Rito Salomone, President, RSI “We believe this is a win-win-win situation for our collective companies, our channel partners and our customers.”

“RSI has an excellent reputation in the industry along with well established channels to the market”, said Doug Moffat, President of ConverTec. “The SMB market place is looking for cost effective solutions which improve their efficiency and their competitiveness. We have those solutions and we look forward to working with RSI to provide them and their customers with robust Unified Communication applications.”

About ConverTec Inc.

ConverTec Inc. is widely recognized as a global leader in developing innovative desktop applications for Nortel’s Business Communications Manager and Norstar platforms. Through the use of ConverTec solutions, businesses are able to deliver higher levels of customer service by optimizing their existing resources and technology. One of Nortel’s original Developer Partners, ConverTec has a close relationship with Nortel which facilitates a cohesive product development strategy.

About Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI)

Founded in 1990, RSI is a developer and manufacturer of leading-edge communications management solutions. The company offers a wide range of other products including: call accounting, hotel/motel management, ACD reporting, CCR, Voice Mail and IVR reporting, CTI applications and rebilling outsourcing services. As an original member of the Nortel Developer Partner program, RSI boasts a large portfolio of Nortel Compatible Products and co-branded solutions. Nortel Activity Reporter is a jointly designed solution by Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) and Nortel. The product is designed to provide system metrics for BCM 50 Rls. 3.0 (and later) / BCM 450 (and later). . It produces text and graphical reports based on station message detail recording (SMDR), hunt group, voice mail and custom call routing information.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

SPOTLIGHT ON HEALTHCARE: Call Accounting for Healthcare

Patients and now governments are demanding that healthcare institutions improve the way that they deliver services. Long waiting lines, slow processes and inadequate workforce management are the core issues facing health care. Most healthcare institutions are grappling with tighter budgets and the ultimate need to provide efficient care for patients and communities.

Forward thinking communication managers are embraced the call for change and are consistently seeking new technologies to improve existing services. In many cases, this involves investing in infrastructure to support the technological requirements of the future including the improvement in the delivery of communications, greater accessibility and the capability to manage costs. These goals are equally important in large multi-site healthcare campuses and small individual clinics.

Building and developing telecommunications infrastructure in the healthcare industry requires a long look at how current telecommunications systems are functioning and where improvements have to be made. From every aspect of the health care industry, concrete data is required in order to manage the priorities and the costs of any changes that are being considered.

At the foundation of the decision an examination of current call detail records (CDR) is required. In many cases CDR reporting is used to identify bottlenecks in traffic which have to be addressed in order to provide first class care to patients. Calling patterns, auto attendant usage and busy times must be addressed when looking at making improvements and investments into new telecommunication infrastructure.

In addition to traffic reporting, many healthcare organizations do not have a single tariff structure across locations. Examining CDR across multiple locations can identify economies of scale and leverage their case for standardized and discounted bulk tariff plans from their carriers.

A robust call accounting system can provide management with the metrics required to invest in new technologies. An effective call accounting system will be able to integrate with any phone system and should be supported directly by the manufacturer to provide on-going reporting. A call accounting solution is an integral part of a total communication management solution that a healthcare institution invests in on an ongoing basis.

Detailed reporting before and after investment in technology can provide administrators with a wealth of information to continually strive to improve efficiencies and delivery of communications to improve patient care.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Spending On Managed Services Increasing Despite Recession

BOONTON, NJ. - Feb. 5, 2009 - Despite the slowdown in all US economic sectors, spending on managed services is expected to grow at a compounded rate of nearly eight percent over the next five years, says a new market study from Insight Research. The report notes that the present recession may actually act to spur spending in the telecommunications and IT market segments, since many enterprises will find that purchasing managed services from third-party providers is a cost-effective alternative to increasing internal staffing. The study predicts that revenues associated with the managed services market will grow from nearly $30 billion in 2008 to nearly $43 billion in 2013.

Insight's newly-released market analysis report, Managed Services in an IP World: New Opportunities for Wireless and Wired Networks 2009-2014 , contends that carriers, service providers, IT equipment vendors, systems integrators, and specialist companies will all participate in the growth opportunities provided by this market.

The study differentiates and forecasts five managed service segments: managed data center services, managed infrastructure, managed LAN services, managed WAN services and managed mobility services. In addition to the revenue forecasts for these market segments, forecasts are provided for various market subdivisions, including managed IP VPNs, managed security services, managed VoIP, LAN extensions, WLAN extensions, managed cellular services, and a number of other significant areas within the managed services domain. The report also provides Insight's survey of outsourced managed LAN, managed WAN, and disaster recovery management services by vertical industry.

"Make no mistakes about it, while telecom is faring better than many other segments of the economy, the recession is certainly having a negative impact on growth, which required that we adjust our annual managed services forecasts downward," says Robert Rosenberg, Insight's president. "However, this storm does have a silver lining for the managed services providers, since enterprise IT and telecom managers will be much more willing to listen to the economic logic of outsourcing now that internal staffing is contracting, " Rosenberg concluded.

Ms. Kim Novak, Marketing Director

Monday, February 2, 2009

RSI Issue Nortel Investment Protection Assurance Statement

February 1, 2009 – OSHAWA, ONTARIO - Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) issued a statement today assuring Nortel Networks customers that its portfolio of products would be fully maintained, developed and supported for a long time to come. RSI is a Nortel Developer Partner that offers communication and telephone expense management solutions to Nortel telephony platform customers. These products include call accounting, hotel billing, ACD reporting, forced/verified account codes, switch administration and text messaging.

“We advise our Nortel customers that our products will continually be supported and developed over the long haul. Our current road map is extending into 2012. We are confident that Nortel will arise stronger from its current financial situation. “, said Rito Salomone, president of RSI. “During these tough econmic times, it is important to assure our customers that their investment is fully protected. Our applications are designed to work with the latest technologies to support current and legacy Nortel environments. ”

RSI is uniquely positioned to offer total communication management solutions to every enterprise including multi-vendor environments that include Nortel, Avaya, Cisco, ShoreTel and others. Visit our website ( to find out more about our tailored vendor accepted solutions for other platforms!

About Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI)
Founded in 1990, RSI is a developer and manufacturer of leading-edge communications management solutions. RSI offers a wide range of products including: call accounting, hotel/motel management, ACD reporting, CCR, Voice Mail and IVR reporting, carrier comparisons, and rebilling outsourcing services. RSI has distributors in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Caribbean and Middle East.

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