Thursday, November 5, 2009

New ACD Reporting for Cisco Unified CME

Product: SHADOW CMS with B-ACD Reporting for Cisco Unified CME

As more and more businesses implement call centers and hunt groups to better handle customer service inquiries, order taking, and other inbound call activities, managers are struggling to find a way to insure that these centers are running efficiently. The old adage rings true “you cannot manage what you cannot measure”. RSI’s SHADOW B-ACD Reporting for Cisco Unified CME provides invaluable management tools to gauge employee productivity, inbound call volumes, and measure the quality of service our customers are experiencing.

By using SHADOW Call B-ACD Reporting for Cisco Unified CME to break down the call center and hunt group data into easy-to-use and easy-to-understand reports, managers are able to spend more time overseeing operations and managing their human resources and less time trying to interpret complex data streams. Recurring reports can be run on a hands-free basis in both detail and summary formats; queue and hunt group call volumes can be broken out by the hour; and robust filtering and export options ensure that the relevant information is being provided to the appropriate parties. Enhance the efficiency of your call center today with SHADOW Call B-ACD Reporting for Cisco Unified CME.

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