Monday, January 31, 2011

Avaya Not Kicking Enterprises Off Nortel Platforms Any Time Soon

Avaya Inc. is working to reassure users of Nortel Networks’ enterprise products that support for those platforms isn’t going away any time soon.

“Rest assured, your investments in existing [Nortel] platforms are still good," Amir Hameed, director of national solution specialists for Avaya, told attendees at a conference in Toronto last week, according to IT World Canada.

In 2009, Avaya bought Nortel’s enterprise division at a hotly contested auction. Since then, the New Jersey-based company has worked to integrate Nortel’s products into its portfolio, although production on Nortel equipment is not open-ended. Avaya will give a year’s notice when it plans to stop making Nortel gear, IT World Canada said, and will maintain support for another six years after manufacturing has stopped.

Meantime, because Avaya and Nortel both build their enterprise products on SIP, changing from a Nortel platform to Avaya will be seamless, Hameed said.

RSI Products for Avaya and legacy Nortel
including Call Accounting, Hotel Billing, PBX Administration (replacement for TM), Centralized Presence Console and Mobile Tracking