Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shadow CMS Enterprise Call Accounting now available through AsteriskExchange

Asterisk is the world’s most popular open source telephony engine. AsteriskExchange™ is the online marketplace for products built on or integrated with Asterisk. Digium will promote the AsteriskExchange™ to new and existing Asterisk users, resellers and integrators through a combination of email and social media marketing, targeted online advertising, advanced search engine optimization and direct links from our high traffic and sites.

Shadow CMS Enterprise is a total communication management solution that consolidates communication usage data to assist managers in monitoring, controlling and migrating infrastructure. Communication facilities are the lifeline of most successful businesses and often the most taxing expenditure. Often managers are unaware of misuse, erroneous telecom billing, detrimental quality of service and or system hacks that can cause irreparable damage to the reputation of the organization and its bottom line. The old adage rings true – you cannot manage what you cannot measure! SHADOW CMS Enterprise is the watchdog of your communication network by analyzing call accounting records to pinpoint system bottlenecks and ensure communication flow.

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