Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shadow CMS Enterprise Call Accounting Adds New Traffic Reports for Avaya CS1000/M1

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) is an Avaya DevConnect Partner that offers Avaya Select Partner Products, Avaya Premier Partner Solutions and Avaya Compliant applications.   In keeping with its promise of continued development for all Avaya platforms,  RSI is offering previously unavailable traffic reports for  Avaya CS1000  and Meridian 1.

Monitoring network performance is critical in every line of business.   Shadow CMS produces statistics for trunk usage, grade of service, all trunks busy and peak or busy hour analysis.  Shadow CMS pinpoints over or under capacity environments and assists in determining best available services.  By utilizing the TFC002 data generated by each CS1000/M1 trunk group, customers can use Shadow CMS to monitor trunk usage and determine All Trunks Busy (ATB) conditions during specified reporting periods (specific days, any defined period during the day, every hour or half hour). These new reports will be made available with RSI’s Attendant Console Reporting module, which also includes the Customer Console Measurements and Individual Console Measurement reports.