Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sit on a Cloud While Your Communication Ecosystem Performs!

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI)    offers a fully secure Software as a Service (SaaS) alternative to expending internal resources and investing in hardware and software. From our secured site, RSI offers complete cloud based services for remote polling, authorization code billing, charge-back, network planning, traffic analysis, carrier/service comparisons, cradle-to-grave reporting, mobile tracking, email, voice mail, call center, auto attendant and more

Many organizations have high overhead costs, staff turnovers and little time for in-house software. These businesses often require accurate communication facilities information to allocate costs and track activity. With our remote secured hosting option you select the variety of billing, land line, mobile, exception and diagnostic management reports your organization needs. RSI takes full control of data collection, processing and real time access to reports. Our specialists can assist you with the planning and management of your telecommunications network. RSI hosts and manages the entire process on your behalf and you may log in to view the results from anywhere, anytime!
The free flow of communication is imperative to your business lifeline. The invaluable metrics collected from PBXs, IP PBX/VoIP Servers, mobile devices and gateways assist business in configuring and fine tuning their communication facilities. RSI Cloud Call Accounting offers a dynamic set of cloud based reports that can improve network performance, cut misuse and abuse, improve productivity and increase your bottom line.