Monday, June 17, 2013

RSI Introduces Call Recording Playback Feature for Avaya IP Office

In our quest to bring Avaya customers the very best in total unified communication management solutions, RSI is introducing another critical piece to the puzzle!

Two convenient ways to listen to your Avaya IP Office call recordings using your RSI Shadow CMS Call Accounting software or using your commercial CRM application!

Using Your Call Accounting

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) is now offering its flagship Shadow CMS Call Accounting software which includes single/multi-site call detail, real time tariffing, historical call center reporting,  traffic analysis, corporate cost allocation, ad hoc query engine and now free call recording playback using RSI call accounting!    

Using Your Commercial CRM

Communication managers often find themselves wishing for more integrated solutions that offer greater connectivity.    Most call centers have heavily invested in the implementation, training and maintenance of commercial CRM applications.   These systems are critical to the success of an organization.    The separation between excellent and poor customer relationship management can often be attributed to some missing CRM components that prevent maximum performance.

Would it not be great to leverage your commercial CRM to seamlessly integrate with your Avaya IP Office?    Find out how you can now implement call recording playback using Shadow CRM Integrator as a middleware with many commercial CRM packages (including, SalesLogix and Goldmine).

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