Friday, February 20, 2015

Managing Your Entire Communication Ecosystem With Call Accounting Software from RSI

The continually evolving communication landscape demands more dynamic solutions that employ a broad spectrum of enterprise, virtualization and cloud technologies. Communication ecosystems tend to be complex webs of integrated solutions, from various vendors, tailored to satisfy the business needs of the organization. It is imperative that proper attention is placed on monitoring the health of these systems to ensure proper operation, meet specific customer engagement standards and measure productivity. Communication managers are demanding total unified communication management solutions to identify bottlenecks, control misuse/abuse, improve customer interaction, prevent system hacks and proper operation of communication facilities. A robust solution will lead to a more proactive approach to communication management ensuring rapid response times to network issues and uninterrupted performance of the business lifeline.

Shadow CMS Enterprise offers communication managers a comprehensive all-in-one solution to managing the entire communication ecosystem including:

     Unified Communication Hub
     Call Accounting and Billing
     Centralized Consolidated Singe/Multi Site Reporting
     Cradle to Grave Reporting
     Historical Call Center Reporting*
     Call Recording Playback
     Voice Mail Playback
     CRM Integration Reporting
     Corporate Cost Allocation
     Subscriber/Extension Detail
     Peak Hour and Traffic Analysis
     Integration to 3rd Party Billing Systems
     Deploy On Premise or in A Secure Private Cloud

     Real Time Call Center Analytics Dashboard

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*subject to manufacturer availability and feature implementation