Friday, November 20, 2015

RSI Exhibiting at Enterprise Connect 2016 in Orlando, FL - Mar 7-10

Enterprise Connect 

For over 25 years, Enterprise Connect, the industry’s premier event, has presented market and thought leaders, comprehensive analysis, in-depth technical sessions and the largest and broadest exhibition focused on systems, software, services, and applications.
Everything at the event is focused on one overriding goal: To help you maximize your investments in communications and collaboration systems, services, apps and networks.

Why You Should Attend

  1. Meet with thought leaders and market movers: From the keynote lineup to our workshops, deep dives and breakout sessions, you'll hear from independent analysts and consultants, leaders of all the major equipment, software and services providers, and pioneering enterprise executives.
  2. Assess the impact on your organization: Our in-depth sessions go beyond technical discussions, to include analysis of how new technology changes business and organizational relationships.
  3. The Enterprise Connect Exhibition Hall is the ONLY place where you can see 180+ major system and software vendors and their products and services in one location

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI)

Resource Software International Ltd.(RSI) is a world leader in harnessing collaboration metrics to track, monitor and manage the performance of network facilities resulting in a more dynamic, responsive and productive communication ecosystem. The company offers a total unified communication management solution with modules for call center activity, IM compliance, emergency notification, quality of service, traffic metrics, CRM integration, billing and call detail reporting.


Products/Services Offered

Cloud-Based Services
Communications and Collaboration Software --Communications End User Devices
Contact Center
Call Accounting
Call Recording