Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Shadow CMS Enterprise for the Cloud - Collaboration Management Anywhere, Anytime!

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) offers a fully cloud-based alternative to traditional on premise enterprise communication management. Shadow CMS Enterprise is a total unified communication management solution that can be implemented on a desktop, within the enterprise or in the cloud.

Customers have the option to virtualize their environment on a secured server in the cloud. This approach eliminates the need to invest in in-house infrastructure, hardware and maintenance plans. The software resides in a private cloud accessible only through a secure tunnel. RSI technicians will deploy and maintain the system for a fixed annual fee. There is no need to worry about software bug fixes and enhancements. The system is maintained and configured with the latest updates.

Shadow CMS Enterprise for the Cloud may be deployed in environments with any combination of traditional PBX, hybrid, IP and hosted communication servers for truly consolidated telecommunication management available anywhere, anytime!

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