Monday, September 11, 2017

RSI Shadow Spaces Analytics for Cisco Spark Now Generally Available

Shadow Spaces for Cisco Spark creates actionable business intelligence about the adoption and health of your collaboration ecosystem.

Cisco Spark collaboration spaces are virtual rooms where participants can join from anywhere to post content, contribute ideas, cooperate on projects and huddle for meetings.

Shadow Spaces offers insights to communication managers about user adoption, project progression, bot usage, file uploads, activity/inactivity of spaces and trending topics. This allows managers to increase adoption, accelerate their digital transformation and maintain a healthy collaboration ecosystem ensuring maximum ROI using Cisco Spark.

Shadow Spaces empowers key decision makers with granular Cisco Spark collaboration insights for:
Adoption - To accelerate your digital transformation to Cisco Spark by measuring and monitoring participant behavior patterns.
Productivity - To ensure successful progression of business objectives by examining participation in teams or spaces.
Maintenance - To maintain a clutter free Cisco Spark by highlighting file uploads, bot activity and dormant spaces that can be removed.

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