Thursday, September 26, 2013

Landline and Mobile Traffic Metrics At Your Fingertips!

Landline and Mobile Traffic Metrics At Your Fingertips!
Mobile devices now account for a large portion of business communication.   The use of smart phones and other  personal devices has allowed companies to respond more quickly without being tied to a desk and a fixed line.  

Mary organizations are leveraging wireless mobility to take advantage of the greater freedom and productivity.   The proper call accounting of mobile devices is often very difficult to manage.    

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) leverages unique technologies to submit call, text and GPS information to secured data collectors and cloud-based servers in real time.   This valuable information is processed and delivered in comprehensive reporting until now available only for traditional PBX systems. 

RSI offers solutions that simplify the life of a communication manager.   This new  Shadow CMS mobile tracking adjunct can now be integrated with call data, call center and other facility usage logs for a true total unified communication management picture.

Now you can get a clear analysis of all your  communication facilities in one consolidated report  including land line, mobile, SMS and email traffic.

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