Thursday, April 26, 2007

Effective Custom Call Routing Can Produce Big Profits!

A Custom Call Routing (CCR) tree contains paths that callers that navigate through using their telephone sets. By selecting a CCR option, callers can be provided with automated messages, transferred to a particular extension or department, or directed to sub menus for more specific information. A properly defined CCR tree can free up internal resources for other tasks and enhance productivity.

The typical goal in configuring a CCR tree is to be able to handle calls more efficiently, and allow callers to get to their required destination quickly. Setting up a CCR tree involves considerable planning to determine the desired results. Organizations usually take the time to identify frequently called departments and numbers, promote various goods and services and route overflow calls to other call centers.

However, once a CCR tree has been configured it is often difficult to measure its effectiveness. Are callers really getting to their desired destinations, or are they simply opting to exit the tree by hitting a “0” prompt for a receptionist? Are callers being frustrated by an endless loop of prompts? Are callers dropping off and hanging up?

By offering Nortel BCM customers enhanced communication management reporting tools, Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) is able to give customers the ability to measure the effectiveness of their call routing. The metrics obtained from the phone system allow customers to analyze and fine tune a CCR thus enhancing the customer experience. These metrics are also used to determine how effectively internal resources are being utilized and levels of customer satisfaction.

You cannot manage what you can not measure! By analyzing CCR tree statistics on a regular basis, organizations can adapt to changing trends, and improve customer service levels.

RSI is recognized as an industry leader in the field of communication management. The communication management product portfolio includes tailored integration to the most popular switching and network manufactures. RSI has been granted Nortel Developer Partner status with recognition for its core portfolio as Compatible Products. See: