Monday, November 30, 2009

Hosted Call Accounting Software as a Service

Hosted Call Accounting (sometimes referred to as web call accounting) is a fully managed Software as a Service (SaaS) alternative to purchasing hardware and software and expending internal resources. These services can be strictly for basic incoming and outgoing telephone call tracking from a PBX system or all encompassing of the entire communication ecosystem. Some companies offer complete outsourcing services for remote polling, authorization code billing, charge-back, network planning, traffic analysis, carrier/service comparisons, SIP / IP PBX reporting, voice mail, call center, auto attendant, mobile tracking, internet usage and more.

Many organizations have high overhead costs, staff turnovers and little time for in-house software. Hosted call accounting is managed by the provider; the end user accesses the services via a simple browser anywhere, anytime. There is generally no requirement for additional software. Hosted call accounting helps organizations manage their communication facilities. Management issues include controlling abuse, increasing staff productive and equipment provisioning. This service is a suitable solution for health care, educational institutions, government agencies and general business.

Traditionally call accounting involved the printing of hundreds or thousands of pages of activity detailing or summarizing telecom facilities by division, call center or end user. Hosted call accounting gives managers the option of reviewing the same data online in concise easy to read reports and charts. You can print only the detail you really need. No longer is there a need for one dedicated computer system to handle your call detail records.

Often when an organization changes, upgrades or replaces hardware internal call accounting software is also replaced. Hosted call accounting can make hardware changes and migration seamless. The central server of a seasoned web call accounting service can easily adapt to new data streams, protocols and technologies resulting in greater return on investment and long term assurance.

Hosted call accounting will reduce or eliminate the need for internal IT resources and training, provisioning of additional office space, computer resources and electricity cost. Experts in the field of communication management take full control of data collection, processing and real time access to reports. These specialists can generally assist you with the planning and management of the telecommunications network.

During times of uncertainty, it is imperative for organizations to streamline their organizations cut cost and increase productivity. The free flow of communication is imperative to the lifeline of every business. The invaluable metrics collected from PBXs, IP PBX/VoIP Servers, routers and gateways can assist business in configuring and fine tuning their communication facilities. Hosted call accounting offers a powerful hands free way to improve network performance, cut misuse and abuse, improve productivity and increase your bottom line.

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