Thursday, November 26, 2009

tools OSN Onsite Notification Granted Compatibility for Nortel SRG 50 Rls. 5.0

Resource Software International Ltd.'s (RSI) tools OSN application offers immediate, E911 on-site notification for emergency calls. Seconds can make the difference in life threatening situations or when apprehending harassing callers. Tools OSN eliminates the need to spend time locating the individual placing the emergency call, thereby reducing delays in the overall emergency response time. Emergency E911 access during a network or system failure event is also assured through RSI's tools OSN.

Resource Software International Ltd. has successfully met the Nortel standards for compatibility testing in a laboratory environment with the Nortel communications platform (Nortel SRG 50 Release 5.0)

Successful Completion of Compatibility Test Audit on November 16, 2009