Wednesday, November 3, 2010

RSI Call Accounting Product Family Support Data Buffering and Access (DBA) on Avaya CS 1000 platforms

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) is excited to reiterate its support for the Avaya CS1000 Data Buffering and Access (DBA) CDR/Traffic Collector as a method to collect CDR data from an Avaya CS1000. The use of Avaya’s DBA technology allows RSI Call Accounting solutions to capture and record CDR data without the use of a TTY port and costly data storage buffers. The installation of cabling between the PBX and data collection buffers is no longer required. By supporting this connectivity option, RSI remains committed to providing customers with cost effective alternatives for call reporting and communication facilities management. RSI customers can now choose the CDR data collection technology that best fits their budget, security and data reliability needs!

The following CDR collection technologies are now available with RSI call accounting solutions for Avaya CS 1000:

• CDR collection via the customer’s network utilizing Data Buffering and Access (DBA)
• CDR collection via RSI WinLINK Serial Data Collection software (requires TTY Port)
• CDR collection via a Hardware Buffer (requires TTY Port)

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) is a recognized Avaya DevConnect Partner with specialties in Total Unified Communication Management Solutions for Avaya and legacy Nortel gear. RSI offerings including the popular SHADOW CMS Enterprise Call Accounting, Visual Console & CRM Integration, Real Time Dashboard, Mobile Tracking and Internet Management applications.

Please consult with your RSI Sales Representative today via phone 718-701-0945 (Intl: 905-576-4575) or email to learn how you can take advantage of using our call accounting software applications with CS1000 DBA connectivity.

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