Thursday, December 2, 2010

RSI Receives Avaya DevConnect Compliant Award for Shadow CMS Call Accounting

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI)

It is with great pleasure we present your company with this Avaya DevConnect Compliant Award for successful compliance testing with Avaya Inc.'s Avaya IP Office 6.1(5).

Your company's Shadow Call Management Software has been compliance tested by Avaya's DevConnect Technical Team and has been officially accepted as compliant on 11/22/2010. The Avaya DevConnect Compliant Award is now valid, based on the stated version of each party's solution.

Avaya is committed to providing its customers with solutions that are fully compatible with the Avaya IP Office 6.1(5). With this successful Compliance testing, Avaya provides customers the assurance of successful product interoperability. By continuing to pursue improvements in product integration, we offer a more cost effective, integrated solution to our customers.

Please look to the Avaya DevConnect Program for continued marketing and development support of your product in conjunction with Avaya Inc.'s Avaya IP Office 6.1(5).

We look forward to continuing our joint success in the future. Again, Congratulations!


Dan Fusco
DevConnect Program
Avaya Inc.