Thursday, May 2, 2013

RSI In Avaya DevConnect Spotlight

Meet this week's DevConnect Technology Partner RSI, Resource Software International, Ltd.

We interviewed Rito Salomone, President of RSI, and asked him to tell us about the company he founded and share his thoughts about the communications industry in the years ahead.  RSI is headquartered in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

Question #1 – What is the primary focus of your business?  
RSI is internationally recognized as a leading developer and manufacturer of robust, cutting edge total communication management solutions for enterprises of all sizes including hospitality, healthcare, retail, government and general business environments.   Our applications help our mutual customers to monitor and manage their communication ecosystem resulting in a more dynamic and responsive communication ecosystem.

Question #2 – Tell me something about the history of your company.
Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) was founded in 1990 with the goal of becoming the leading provider of total unified communications management solutions for every enterprise around the globe.  RSI deployed its first flagship call accounting application in early 1992 in one of North America’s largest insurance brokerage firm.   The software, now known as Shadow CMS Enterprise, has undergone many iterations and boasts a global installed base of over 20,000 locations in many industry segments including high profile luxury hotel chains, prestigious law firms, government agencies, sports franchises and major corporations.

Question #3 – What fundamental shifts to you see coming in the communications industry?
In the not so distant past, communication management meant tracking land line calls from analog switches and reconciling them against vendor telephone invoices.   The convergence of voice and data, adoption of IP telephony, and personal mobile devices have resulted in a variety of entry points into an organization,  RSI is constantly evolving its spectrum of services to adapt to these constantly changing channels of communication.   RSI recognizes the frustration and challenges of communication managers to maintain the health of their communication facilities.  We offer a comprehensive umbrella of solutions that brings all facilities under one roof employing our desktop or cloud-based solutions.

Question #4 - What is the value of being a DevConnect Technology Partner? 
As a proud Avaya DevConnect member, RSI is focused on providing Avaya customers with training and resources that offer insight about the health of their communication ecosystem.  RSI is an avid Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner and has worked with Avaya for many years. We believe that our strong relationship has resulted in countless mutually beneficial deployments that have achieved the desired goals of our customers.   RSI offers several Avaya compliant solutions to our business partners and customers.   Several of our core solutions are recognized as Avaya SMEC Premier Partner Solutions and others are marketed through the Avaya Select Product Program.  RSI believes that the DevConnect Technology Partner program has maximized our visibility within Avaya, our Business Partners and the business world.   More importantly, we have attained greater credibility with our customers.

Question #5 – What is the most important thing you’d like our Facebook community to know about your company?
RSI helps companies harness their communication data and offers concrete analysis resulting in a healthy, responsive and productive communication ecosystem.

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