Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shadow CMS Enterprise Rated Avaya Compliant for Aura Communication Manager and Aura Session Manager 6.2


Issued: May 17, 2013

Product:  Shadow CMS Call Accounting for the Enterprise
Platforms: Avaya Aura Communication Manager 6.2  and  Avaya Aura Session Manager 6.2

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) has been granted a Letter of Compliance from Avaya DevConnect Compliance Testing of the Avaya Aura Communication Manager 6.2 and Avaya Aura Session Manager 6.2.

Communication facilities are the lifeline of most successful businesses and often the most taxing expenditures. Management of telephone charges, equipment fees, VoIP traffic, internet usage, and provider discounts is a difficult task. RSI provides the necessary call management tools to allow administrators to forecast, monitor and allocate communications management expenses.

Shadow CMS Call Accounting for the Enterprise

Traditional telephone reporting was generally based on a basic call log that provided nuggets of valuable information such as date, time, duration and digits dialled. This information could be monitored, processed and stored in a database for detailed reporting. There are many vendors of call accounting software that provided these tools for itemizing, reconciling and analyzing telephone activity. 

During times of economic downturns business look to consolidate, solidify and aggressively hunt for new opportunities. Communication facilities are the essential lifeline to every business. It is imperative to accurately determine whether business communication infrastructure is functioning smoothly and effectively. Regardless of the size of the organization, whether small business or enterprise, issues often arise that require a robust total communication management solution.

Often managers are unaware of misuse, detrimental quality of service and or system hacks that can cause irreparable damage to the reputation of the organization and the bottom line. Communication management solutions such as call accounting can help shield companies from system overload and fraudulent activity. A seasoned call accounting system can pinpoint bottlenecks and highlight unusual or suspicious activity.

Shadow CMS Call Accounting for the Enterprise can help reconcile carrier invoices with business activity. Some businesses make it a practice to bill employees for excessive non-business and long distance calls. In many cases, the call accounting system acts as a watchdog and reduces personal activity. This results in more right to business calls and greater productivity. Some studies suggest that proper telecom accountability can result in a 10% to 30% savings in telecom expenses.
It is far more important during times of belt tightening that call accounting is employed. You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Effective communication management increases the bottom line.

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