Wednesday, May 29, 2013

RSI Rebrands and Simplifies Its Comprehensive Total Communication Management Portfolio

Notice to Our Valued Partners and Customers

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI), a global leader in total unified communication management solutions, is undergoing some exciting changes.   For over 23 years,  our company has created some the most popular software solutions in the industry.   Our products are recognized as durable, dynamic and comprehensive.   In an effort to streamline our broad range of products, RSI is consolidating some of our brands.   The changes are meant to promote and highlight our complete spectrum of solutions in a more engaging simplified portfolio.   Do not be alarmed!   We are not removing any products, disrupting maintenance contracts or changing prices!   

As of May 27, 2013,  RSI has completed  rebranding all our US, Canadian and International products under the TELECOST brand as Shadow.  
Therefore, TELECOST CMS and TELECOST CMS Hospitality will be rebranded as Shadow CMS and Shadow CMS Hospitality respectively.   All other TELECOST modules will also be rebranded as Shadow.   This change is strictly for the consolidation of our marketing efforts and will not impact existing customers or partners.    Our partners are encouraged to seek new literature from us once your current stock is completed.   Future product upgrades will be known as Shadow.

Several of our products will be folded into the Shadow product suite including:
Visual Rapport CRM Integrator to Shadow CRM Integrator

MerAssistant Switch Administrator to Shadow SA Switch Administrator
TeleAlarm to Shadow OSN Onsite Notification for Avaya CS 1000
tools OSN to Shadow OSN Onsite Notification for Avaya IP Office
RSI Managed Services to TELECOST Voice & Data Management
contact us for a full list of changes...

We have also given a bit of a flair to our logo.   We are adding an open cloud around the logo to signify our compliance in the space while retaining our historical connection to our brand.  
Please feel free to contact us with any questions.