Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Shadow All In One Analytics for Healthcare

The global pandemic and varying lockdown safety measures have imposed barriers on traditional ways of service delivery. Nowhere is it more critical than in the health care segment. Patients and concerned citizens are engaging remotely with healthcare professionals in unprecedented numbers. 

A Deloitte 2020 Survey of US Health Care Consumers showed a change in consumer behavior due to the ongoing threat of the Covid-19 pandemic. There are three key takeaways:

1.      “Consumers are using virtual visits more than ever before and plan to continue using them.”

2.      “More consumers are using technology for health monitoring and are willing to share their data.”

3.      “A trusted clinician relationship remains paramount.”

Shadow All In One Analytics from Resource Software International Limited (RSI) allows communication managers to get meaningful insights about their ecosystem. This information is vital to smoother operations of perhaps the most important service sector.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and personal precautions, consumers are more likely to engage with a physician via collaboration systems. At the same time, health care professionals will need to retain trusted relationships with their clients. It is crucial that healthcare agents can service patients virtually, both effectively and securely in a timely manner. Doing so will improve patient care, customer retention, and free up time to address the needs of others.

Shadow A1 can be used to provide both historical and real time reporting for agents and queues. Communication managers can have an insight on what their agents are doing to ensure that they are meeting service level agreements. Queue reports can show specific customer wait times, display queue activity by hour of the day, identify abandoned calls and alert authorized personnel if specific goals are not met. Cradle to grave reporting allows a user to see every leg of a call, tracking activity of a call journey. Managers can get a real time insight of the current calls in queue, agents logged on, longest call waiting, etc. through customizable intuitive dashboards. These metrics help managers diagnose their call center environment in real time to determine bottlenecks, manage agents and meet compliance standards.

Many health care organizations are subject to regulatory standards that can only be measured by a robust collaboration analytics solution. Millions of call records can be stored and processed from any time period. Users can create queries for specific time frames, phone numbers, agents, queues, SLA ranges and/or a vast array of other variables. These metrics can then be fed to spreadsheets, business intelligence tools and patient management applications.

Shadow All In One Analytics offers a consolidated multi-pronged approach to the analysis of varied modes of communication and diverse premise and cloud landscapes including messaging, video and phone. Organizations now have complete visibility across the entire spectrum of a corporate collaboration ecosystem for any length of time. The product offers historical call accounting, call center reporting, call recording playback, real time agent/queue dashboards, team collaboration adoption metrics, custom integrations and emergency notification.

About RSI

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) Is recognized globally as a leading provider of collaboration management solutions for every enterprise. The pandemic shutdown has highlighted the importance of linking with colleagues to collaborate from anywhere. In healthcare, the ease of communication is the most essential component in helping patients from a distance. RSI partners with communication providers to deliver all in one analytics, allowing communication managers to manage remotely.

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