Monday, November 30, 2020

Why should your business utilize real-time dashboards?

A dashboard is effective at consolidating a company’s most valuable KPI’s into a simple view. Managers can, in real time, make important decisions without having to run multiple reports and consolidate information manually. A properly set up dashboard is very effective in giving an accurate snapshot of business operations. This is essential in today's environment where customers demand real time answers and expect a certain level of empathy for their requests. If a customer is saddled with bottlenecks, busy signals, long wait times and unanswered messages, it is likely the customer will look elsewhere. A dashboard provides the opportunity to correct ineffective processes quickly, and at its core.

Resource Software International offers fully customizable dashboards, with access to countless pre-set widgets. Managers can determine what is most important to them to determine the health of their collaboration system. Not only can a user monitor standard call wait times and response rates, but they can also determine how successfully consumers were serviced with instant messaging and video chat services. These customizable dashboards give a total picture of all major channels of communication within a given time period.

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